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WiNN believes that if we are to succeed in facilitating greater disability employment in the South African marketplace, then this is going to be because more employers recruit more people with disability in their organisation’s vacancies. After all, the jobs are at employers!

For WiNN to be focused on providing real and sustainable value to our members, especially to employers, we need to be demand led and deliver value to employers. In order to be demand led we need to source a significant amount of our funding from employers, which we propose to do by charging annual subscriber fees.

 WiNN’s annual subscription will include these features and provide the following benefits to employers and other stakeholders:

  • WiNN is a L1 BBBEE contributor
  • It makes our platforms, media, events and other services available for the whole organization (nationally), as opposed to just one person in the organization.
  • Free and 24/7 access to all our online media and content (including, information, data, case studies, reports, surveys, and other media), which is not available to non-members (unless they pay an ad hoc fee per content-page or paper, which will be exponentially more expensive than the annual membership fee).
  • Media and content that you can use to augment and support your organization’s sensitization & awareness training for your line managers and employees (and that is always available 24/7for yours and their use wherever they are in the country and however many times they need to access it).
  • Frameworks strategies, business plans, and project plans that help you start disability employment in your organization and continue to help you as you build and scale your initiatives (including how to access funding opportunities and tax incentives for your organization as well as manage a BBBEE audit for disability employment, etc).
  • Comprehensive lists of the NPOs and suppliers in the disability sector specializing in disability employment, including what they specialize in and their full contact details.
  • Advice and insights into how to attract and source people with disability in the South African labour market (and in the various regions you are located in).
  • Regular industry events and activities, both online and offline, where you can get access to industry thought-leaders and experts, as well as meet and network with your industry peers (who are working on disability employment at their organizations).
  • And much, much more…. Basically, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources that help you and your organization successfully navigate disability employment. We’ll do it in a way that decreases the workload involved for you in finding out all this information, while increasing your opportunity for success in this niche area of BBBEE and talent management.