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WiNN’s mission and purpose is to assist the facilitation of the South African marketplace in order to work more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of disability employment initiatives and programmes. This includes helping employers in their disability employment strategy, planning and implementation. We contribute in this way at both an industry and at an organizational level.

As a result of this and these increased efficiencies, we believe that more people with disability will be employed in SA. WiNN will have contributed to this through the value and benefits that we deliver to employers through our industry platform, services, and products.

Currently, HR professionals (and all levels of management) are looking to proactively develop disability employment initiatives and programmes in their organizations, in part because of the recent amendments to BBBEE compliance.

However, employers are held back from effective and scalable implementation of disability employment programmes by the sheer complexity of disability and disability employment, as well as marketplace inefficencies, bottlenecks and challenges, especially on the supply-side.

In order to address these marketplace challenges, WiNN will create a service-platform model for our subscribers. It will be a combination of a digital platform and an industry networking events platform, which will provide HR practitioners and employers with a comprehensive info’ and resource hub that can act as a strategic and operational ‘toolkit’.

Ultimately, through all these activities and services, WiNN’s mission is to facilitate the employment of people with disability into the formal economy in South Africa, whether through formal employment at companies (and other organizations) or as entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to contribute to far more people with disability being employed in South Africa’s formal economy. Far more than is currently the case. Ideally, we’d like to contribute to the growth in the representation of people with disability in the national workforce to between 10-15% by 2025, as opposed to the current proportion of 0.7–1% (as of 2016).

Not only do we want to contribute to more employment of people with disability in the formal economy, but we also want to ensure both the greater representation of a more diverse range of disabilities employed and that they’re all employed in a manner that sets them up for success.

We believe that more employment of people with disability will create more economic empowerment and life opportunity for this demographic of South Africa’s society, while also ensuring that this sector of our civil society will be better financed and supported than it is currently.

WiNN believes that greater diversity in the workforce in South Africa is good for employers, good for customers, and good for tolerance and acceptance of diversity in our country.