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WiNN is all about disability employment and everything that relates to it.

We’re a Not For Profit Company (NPC) and we operate across South Africa. We’re a L1 BBBEE contributor.

WiNN’s role in the marketplace is to help and assist all stakeholders who want to contribute to disability employment in South Africa.

Our stakeholders include: employers (corporates & SMMEs), suppliers, NPOs, education institutions, public sector bodies, industry & professional bodies, as well as local & national Government.

Ultimately, we want to help employers win in employing more people with disability at their organization, in meaningful jobs, leading to sustainable and rewarding careers.

The end goal is for WiNN and all stakeholders to contribute to an increase in the economic (and social) empowerment of people with disabilities across South Africa.

Because when it comes to disability employment: If Not Now, When? It’s all about WiNNing disability employment, together! Want to find out more? Then check out the rest of our website and get in touch with us!


WiNN’s mission and purpose is to assist the facilitation of the South African marketplace in order to work more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of disability employment initiatives and programmes. This includes helping employers in their disability employment strategy, planning and implementation. We contribute in this way at both an industry and at an organizational level.

As a result of this and these increased efficiencies, we believe that more people with disability will be employed in SA. WiNN will have contributed to this through the value and benefits that we deliver to employers through our industry platform, services, and products.


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