Meet: Amy

Meet: Amy

Meet: Amy

22, Cape Town

Amy has completed a BA Degree and is currently studying an Honours Degree in Film & Television Studies, at UCT. Some of the things she enjoys about Film & Television Studies is that it requires you to develop your ability for critical thinking and keep improving your writing skills, which will help her pursue a career in writing.

Once she’s completed her studies, Amy’s career ambition is to work in the media industry as an article-writer. She really enjoys writing.

She describes her approach to her studies, and future career, as very disciplined and focused because she’s very dedicated to meeting deadlines and delivering the best possible work that she can.

When Amy starts looking for employment and applying for work, what she’ll be looking for in an employer-of-choice is a company that has an accessible workplace and has disability inclusiveness central to their policies, as well as one that demonstrates that all their employees’ well-being is important.

Amy has cerebral palsy. This is a congenital disability affecting movement, muscle tone or posture. In terms of how her disability affects Amy day- to-day in her life and studies, she says that her main consideration in relation to it is around accessibility – especially the accessibility of the environment, facilities and transport. Even though Amy can walk using a Walker, she mostly uses her wheel-chair and on UCT’s campus she uses a motorised wheel-chair. Amy says that accessibility plays a huge role in her day-to-day experience.

Her career advice to anyone else with a disability is: study hard and don’t let having a disability stop you from believing that you can get employed or complete your studies.

Outside of her studies, Amy enjoys watching TV-series and reading. Her favourite TV-series is Arrow.

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