Meet: Pumeza

Meet: Pumeza

Meet: Pumeza

32, Cape Town

Pumeza is currently employed as a CSR Analyst for a major Oil & Gas brand, based in Cape Town. She’s been there for 6-years, after starting there on a 2-year learnership in the finance department and then became a permanent employee after a further year as a contractor. She has a Degree in Labour Information Science and she’s currently pursuing a Post-Graduate qualification in Company Secretarial & Corporate Governance.

Pumeza is visually impaired. This only developed after she had finished school and in the year that she graduated from university. So she went to her graduation ceremony visually impaired.

She says that it changed her life ‘360 degrees’! She had to discover and navigate how people with visual impairment lived. In order to help her to do this, she surrounded herself with other people who are visually impaired to learn from them so that she could move forward in her life. [Before her own disability developed, the only person that Pumeza had known with a disability had never worked in her life and her only source of income was a disability grant. Pumeza didn’t want that for her life.]

Her doctor has told her that she has approx’ 10% sight and that she is severely myopic which makes her very light sensitive. In order to assist Pumeza, her employer has set-up her desk in an area of the office where there’s less glare (from the computer-screen). Also, they’ve provided her with Zoom Text ( to help her enlarge the font-size on-screen to suit her preferences (which is the only difference between her computer and anyone else’s computer).

She describes her approach to her life, work and career as strategic. She has a research background, so whatever work or studying she does she makes sure that she’s re- searched it thoroughly. Also, she likes to know what the competitive advantage is for her from any further studies and how these (and the work she does) contributes to her career goals and how it helps her grow as a person.

Outside of work, Pumeza has two nephews who are hyperactive so she loves to walk and play with them. Also, she loves hanging out with her friends, whether going out, chatting or just relaxing with them. She’s a practicing Christian, so her faith plays an important part in her life. The one word that Pumeza feels best describes her personality is ‘fun’.

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